Okay so I made my new simblr. I named it “The-Sim-Inside” because… Why not? XD
I can’t edit or do anything with it properly until Wednesday when I have my Computer so it looks pretty basic and dull right now.
Because I have my own one now, I probably won’t go on this as much meaning SummerofSims… Is kind of dead. If Tosh comes back, so will this, but for now…
Thank you everyone for the support and messages Tosh and I got and for following us and giving us 1761 followers :OO
I love you all and thank you so much, honestly

My Own Simblr?

Ever since Tosh left, I haven’t really wanted to post as it doesn’t exactly feel right and my sim styles and plots are very different to Tosh’s, and I feel I would almost “ruin” our original Tumblr (sounds weird but my actual sim style is very different to Tosh’s).
So instead of claiming this completely as my own, I’m tempted to create my own Simblr and leave SummerOfSims in case Tosh comes back. SoS doesn’t feel right without Tosh and I know I would post a lot with my own Simblr.
So what do you guys think? Let me know.

Long story short, Tosh is quitting Summerofsims! Not only have I lost interest in my game, but I don’t enjoy tumblr quite as much as I used to, and I feel it’s a chore to post something. The last time we did a hiatus I enjoyed the break and so I’m going to make it a permanent thing. I’m sorry if any of you will miss updates on the Dylans xD I’ll leave their posts up and stuff so you can still read through their story! Thank you for everything you’ve liked and reblogged of mine in the past year and for all the friends I’ve made here! Good luck in the future and keep simming <3 

Mosh isn’t leaving though! The simblr is still running, it’s just I won’t be posting and only one person will be running it now! 



@littlequeenny said: Aaaaawn <3 So cuuuute !

Anonymous asked: "Is your hiatus over?"

Technically, yes. Tosh and I just have a lot on our plate lately. We’ll probably be posting more often in a week or so :33

Play Date~!

Anonymous asked: "what is mosh?"

Mosh (Me) is one of the people running SummerOfSims. This account is run by TWO people, Mosh and Tosh. They are just our nicknames ^^; Just check the tags to see who posted what.
Sorry if we confused you.

Anonymous asked: "Hi, sorry to be a bother! I don't know whether you're still taking sim requests or if my message went through but am I able to requests a sim from Mosh?"

Hiya! Sure, you can request a sim. I don’t mind (◕‿-)

New Legacy Simmie - Faye Reina

~Sneaky Peaky~